The Four Fields (Matthew 4:26-29)


Missional engagement can be tricky.  There are times when the field is full of rocks, weeds, and nobody has sewn gospel seeds.  Other fields might have the start of something.  Some fields are ripe for a harvest.  Even the way I am using the term, 'field' can be tricky.  It might be a big area of people, or maybe a specific subgroup, or perhaps even a small local community. 

But despite this trickiness, there's a tool that helps us think about the field.  It's called The 4 Fields and highly promoted by the group #NoPlaceLeft.  It comes from the parable in Matthew 4:26-29.  Brett Ricley does an excellent job explaining The 4 Fields thinking.       

One might ask, "Why is this a thing?"  

Because different fields need different action.  If disciple-makers are going to find effectiveness, he or she might be better off doing what the field calls for.  One can't harvest where no seed has been sewn.  When God has readied the harvest, by all means, one should start the harvest work.  

Thinking in terms of The Four Fields might help you think more effectively in the places where you live, work, play, and do business.   So watch Brett's training video and get into the fields and make disciples!