Review: The Daily Dose of Greek App


It's certainly no secret that I use and love Dr. Rob Plumber's Daily Dose of Greek.  But I'm not the only one. Jim Hamilton and Trevin Wax (both guests of Salty Believer Unscripted) have written extremely favorable articles about the Daily Dose.  And John Piper says, "Rob Plummer’s Daily Dose of Greek is a great way to keep up your New Testament Greek."  

Now Daily Dose of Greek is available in an app.  What was once only available through the website and Vimeo, brought to me each day via email, now affords another way to engage with the Greek.  

I've installed the app and used it for a week.  It's time for my review. (For the record, Dr. Plumber has been a guest on Salty Believer Unscripted, but he has not paid for this review or our endorsement, other than by the superb Greek education he provides.)  But first, a quick word about Daily Dose of Greek.

* has endorsed the Daily Dose of Greek and we highly recommend it to those wanting to learn Greek, dust if off again after many years, or stay sharp.  

But what about the app? 

I've been using the android app for about a week, but it didn't take a week to see the advantages of this app.  

First, it's convenient to have the Daily Dose of Greek on my phone.  Sure, I could have clicked the link in my email that would take me to Vimeo and watch the video, but it's much smoothing to do it all in one place.  And I can open the app while waiting for an appointment or standing in line.  

Second, it's missional.  So no kidding, there I was at my favorite deli, waiting for someone when I pulled out the phone and fired up the Daily Dose of Greek app.  Shortly after a verse from Philemon was read and Dr. Plumber was starting to translate, the guy in the next booth ask what I was studying.  (Maybe my volume was a little too loud.)  I told him biblical Greek and then after he asked why I was able to share my love of God and God's Word.  Then I shared my 15-second story, and we engaged in a short spiritual conversation.  Previously, I was opening my email and watching the Daily Dose at home before heading out.  

Third, and maybe not as much of a stretch, I can readily return to past episodes.  When the app is opened, a list of every Daily Dose episode, to include all verses, weekend editions, songs, and book discussions.  After a video has been selected, a check appears next to it so you can keep track of what you've seen.  Also, the user can look up the 

And finally, the app icon just looks cool on your phone and makes you look and feel so much smarter than when Angry Birds used to be there next to your text message button.  The app just ups your level of phone sophistication and class.  

The videos run smoothly, and the app is intuitive.  It's just easy to use. And it's free. 

If I could make a couple of changes, they would only be additions to an already great app.  First, I would like to see an option to uncheck the video or mark it as unseen.  This would allow me to come back to something again or keep track if I wasn't able to finish a video for some reason.  I also think it would be wonderful to have the "Learn Greek" videos made available and in a category like the specials.  

The Daily Dose of Greek app is terrific and probably ought to be found an anyone who is remotely serious about learning and knowing Greek.  Hunt for the app wherever you get your apps.  (I'm not promising it will be there, but it's worth finding.) 

Here's some info from Dr. Plumber about where to find the app