Saving the Reformation by W. Robert Godfrey

Godfrey, W. Robert. Saving the Reformation: The Pastoral Theology of the Canons of Dort. York, Penn: Reformation Trust, 2019.

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey has brought about a new book exploring the Canons of Dort. In its pages, he looks at the history of the synod, the backdrop, the theology, and the canons. There were five heads of doctrine (or points) from the Remonstrants (Arminians). The synod addressed these five points with five responses. What people often think of Calvinism (TULIP) comes from this response, although the reaction doesn't perfectly line up with TULIP as we know it, nor is it a complete summary of Calvinism.

Godfrey offers a new translation of the Cannons of Dort which are smoother to read than previous translations. Following the new translation, he provides commentary and thoughts on the material, although he's clearly biased. He does not claim to be neutral. Appendix 1 is a new look at Jacobus Arminius and his beliefs.

Saving the Reformation is a helpful book and gives us a great look at what's behind Calvinism. I put forward that most New Calvinist have no idea what's behind what they believe. I suspect most New Calvinist would argue against some of the things Dort suggests if they didn't know where it came from, which is why need to go back to the sources.

Here are two videos from Godfrey about Saving the Reformation. You'll find a shorter video and a longer video interview. The more extended interview is excellent, but if you don't have the 20 minutes to watch, the shorter video offers a 1-minute summary of why we should read this book.

I highly recommend Saving the Reformation to anyone interested in Church history, theology, Calvinism, or Arminianism. It's an interesting and enjoyable read.

Finally, if you’d like more of my thoughts on this book, here’s a video review I did.