The Naturally Supernatural Life, with Alex Absalom

Author, pastor, and missiologist Alex Absalom joined Bryan Catherman on Salty Believer Unscripted to explore the question, “What does the Christian life look like when it’s lived to the fullest?” Absalom wears many hats. He is presently working on a series of books about the naturally supernatural life and he’s been highly involved in equipping the church to be more outreach focused by way of missional communities. He’s the co-author of Discipleship That Fits: The Five Kinds of Relationships God Uses to Help Us Grow. He’s a pastor seeking to grow a house church movement in Southern California. You’ll find him working with 100 Movements. And you can find him and his many other projects on line at

There were three components of the question Bryan posed to Alex. The question again: “What does the Christian life look like when it’s lived to the fullest?” Alex discussed what that looks like regarding the power and empowerment believers receive from God as we join him in his mission, what it looks like to be missional, and what we might see over the long life of one maturing in Christ. Listen to his episode (“The Naturally Supernatural Life”) here:

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