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Journey Through John
A verse by verse study through the book of John via 2-minute daily videos, Monday through Friday. 
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Preach the Gospel To Yourself
How To Preach the Gospel to Yourself YouTube

Ministry of Management
Dr. Howard Hendricks, Dallas Theological Seminary
4 Talks Given at a Leadership Training at Campus Crusade for Christ Leadership Training
Date: Unknown
(Rights to this audio belong to Cru)
-- Characteristics of a Leader audio
-- How to Motivate audio
-- How to Lead (Part 1) audio
-- How to Lead (Part 2) audio

Evangelism and Mission
-- What is Success in Gospel Planting YouTube
-- The Four Fields YouTube 
-- The 15-Second Story Youtube
-- 3 Circles Gospel Sharing Method (Part 1) YouTube
-- 3 Circles Gospel Sharing Method (Part 2) YouTube 
-- Personal Evangelism Tools (Part 1)  YouTube
-- Personal Evangelism Tools (Part 2)  YouTube

-- Prayer is Relational YouTube 
-- Prayer is Partnership with God YouTube
-- Pray Boldly YouTube
-- Pray and Watch YouTube  
-- How Much Should I Pray? YouTube
-- Community in Prayer YouTube  
-- Prayer as an Act of Faith YouTube 
-- My Little Prayer Book YouTube 
-- Praying With the Psalms YouTube
-- Consulting God YouTube  

The "FRAT Filter" YouTube
-- Simple Discipleship (a.ka. Discipleship Essentials) YouTube

Tools for Discipleship ("The Disciple-Maker's Toolbox Podcast")
-- Part 1: An Introduction audio
-- Part 2: Using Scripture and Prayer in Discipleship audio
-- Part 3: 15-Second Story audio
-- Part 4: Discipleship of Presence audio
-- Part 5: Perseverance audio 
-- Part 6: Story audio
-- Part 7: The Workplace audio
-- Part 8: Sunday School audio
-- Part 9: Using a Roadmap audio
-- Part 10: Tools for Campus Ministry audio 
-- Part 11: The Sermon audio
-- Part 12: The Local Church audio 
-- Part 13: Conclusion audio

Introduction to Theology
-- Circles of Importance  YouTube  / graphic
-- Level of Certainty  YouTube 
-- Understanding Levels of Importance  PDF handout

Systematic Theology
-- Why did Christ have to die? YouTube 
-- The Gospel Call YouTube 

Studying and Teaching the Bible Well
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 1  audio 
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 2  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 3  audio 
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 4  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 5  audio 
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 6  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 7  audio 
-- How to Read Your Bible (Part 1)  audio 
-- How to Read Your Bible (Part 2)  audio 
-- Exegetical Methods  PDF handout
-- Bible Study Essentials: A Simple System YouTube
-- How to Pick a Study Bible YouTube
-- What's in a Study Bible YouTube
— How should we handle textual variants? YouTube

The Story (Or Meta-Narrative) of the Bible
-- "The Story" Part 1  audio  
-- "The Story" Part 2  audio  
-- "The Story" Part 3  audio 
-- "The Story" Part 4  audio
-- "The Story" Part 5  audio
-- "The Story" Part 6  audio  
-- "The Story" Part 7  audio 
-- "The Story" Part 8  audio 
-- "The Story" Part 9  audio  

An Overview of Eschatology 
-- Part 1: An Intro of the Terms audio
-- Part 2: Prophecy: A Difficult Task audio
-- Part 3: The Near-Far Views of Prophecy audio
-- Part 4: Scripture, Not Man's Ideas audio
-- Part 5: Definitions: How We See Prophecy audio
-- Part 6: Understanding the Millennium audio
-- Part 7: Why We Should Study for Ourselves audio
-- Part 8: The Tribulation and Rapture audio
-- Part 9: The The Glory and Wonder of Heaven audio
-- Part 10: Hell is for Real audio 

Train Yourself For Godliness: A Journey in the Spiritual Disciplines
-- Part 1: Why the Disciplines are Important audio
-- Part 2: Reading and Studying Scripture audio
-- Part 3: Meditating on the Word, Silence, and Solitude audio
-- Part 4: Journaling and Confession audio
-- Part 5: Praying Through Scripture audio
-- Part 6: Hearing from God and Tools for Prayer audio
-- Part 7: Fasting audio
-- Part 8: Time Management and Margin audio
-- Part 9: Sabbath and Rest audio  
--Part 10: Worship, Family Worship, and Tithing audio
--Part 11: Service and Evangelism audio  

Lessons from Church History
-- Part 1: Athanasius and Lady Jane Grey  audio 
-- Part 2: Patrick and the Puritans  audio
-- Part 3: Jan Hus and Charles Spurgeon  audio 
-- Part 4: Conrad Grabel, George Blourock, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer  audio
-- Part 5: Polycarp and John Chrysostom  audio 

-- Reflections and Observations After Touring a Mormon Temple Youtube
-- "Keeping Sharp with the Greek"  YouTube
-- "Why Study the Greek" from the Daily Dose of Greek  Vimeo
-- Reaching Salt Lake, You are the Light   YouTube
-- Team Ministry   YouTube
-- Community:  Are you Known? YouTube 
-- Praying for Those Who Fill Empty Seats  YouTube 
-- Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42)   YouTube  
-- The Variety of Spiritual Gifts   YouTube 
-- Get to Know Your Neighbor  YouTube
-- Parables  YouTube 
-- Mission Field: Utah  YouTube 
-- Like a Child (Matthew 18:1-4)  YouTube