Circles of Importance

There are people who want to argue for every idea and every doctrine as if they are exactly equal. Are they all equal? The Bible is all true, but not everything contained within it is as necessary or as clear. Some passages are absolutely essential for understanding salvation and some just tell us how big an army was. Some passages are more important, just as some doctrines and ideas are more or less important.

In this video, I take a about twelve minutes to outline a way of thinking of the different levels of importance. Hopefully, understanding where we place various doctrines will help you better converse with those who place things in a categories different than you would prefer. It's my prayer that this model is as beneficial to you as it has be to me.

The above video contains a model of understanding that is not new. I took it from a number of sources, modified it some, and am now teaching to my students (and you). My first introduction came from Michael Patton and the Theology Program (which I highly recommend) and I've seen it again elsewhere.   I don't think he created the model that looks the most like what I'm sharing, but I will credit him with teaching it to me.

Here's a computer generated picture of what's on the whiteboard:

* This video, others like it, and many other resources are available here.

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