Why Church?

Questioning the relevance of church attendance is not new, but it seems like the volume is getting louder. Questions about the significance or value of attending worship services with a group of fellow believers are numerous, and often among the angry, hurt, confused, or rebellious. “Why church?” As pastors, Bryan Catherman and Jared Jenkins hear the question a lot.

So they decided to explore that question with the recorder of “Salty Believer Unscripted” rolling. What is the value of the local church? Why be a part? Why is the church God’s plan for the gospel to reach the world? They address these questions and many many in an 8-week podcast series called, “Why Church?”

Listen to the series by following the links below.

Why Church?
— Part 1: Introduction audio
— Part 2: Rhythms of Community audio
— Part 3: Meaningful Community audio
— Part 4: The Church and the Mission audio
— Part 5: Prayer and Worship Together audio
— Part 6: The Church and Social Justice audio
— Part 7: The Church and the Preached Word audio
— Part 8: Conclusion and Some Thoughts from Francis Chan audio

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