Unscripted: Catherman on "The Approved Workman"


Josiah Walker sat down with Bryan Catherman to talk about the book project, The Approved Workman: Developing Faithful Disciples Into Tested Leaders. This book, written by Catherman, serves as a roadmap to help pastors and those wanting to become pastors with a roadmap. Seminary is a great option for training, but why? What’s the goal? What’s the plan? Is there something to work alongside seminary? What about the co-vocational guy? How about someone who just can’t go to seminary? Indigenous training? What about a plan for ordination? The Approved Workman is a tool to get this conversation started and help pastors start training up others. Bryan talks about the book, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and how it might be helpful for those training to become pastors. Listen to the podcast here:

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