"The Saints of Zion" a Discussion With Dr. Travis Kerns

Dr. Travis Kerns is an expert on the topic of Mormon theology. It has been the subject of his studies since his undergraduate education. He’s taught on it in formal academia for a few years, too. Twenty-three years of his life have been given to researching Mormonism. He even gave up teaching at Boyce and Southern Seminary to move to Utah, the heart of Mormonism. Salt Lake City is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and for the past six years has been Travis’s home. He sat down with us to discuss his forthcoming book, The Saints of Zion: An Introduction to Mormon Theology (B&H Publishing, 2018).

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Purchase The Saints of Zion: An Introduction to Mormon Theology by following this link or find it wherever books are sold. Travis and his family have decided to give any money they make from the sales of this book to further the work of Church planting in North America.

A formal review as well as a video review are likely on the way once one or more of at SaltyBeliever.com have read the new book.

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