The Gospel or Nothing! -- Jimmy Scroggins on the Three Circles Tool

Jimmy Scroggins, Pastor of Family Church in southern Florida and the creator of the Three Circles Gospel Conversation Tool, met with Bryan Catherman to talk about the gospel and how the tool helps us see how the gospel works in our lives. Salty Believer Unscripted is in a new series about how the gospel speaks into everything. It’s called “The Gospel of Nothing!” Using the Three Circles, Jared Jenkins and Bryan Catherman are exploring various issues and how the gospel transforms the broken things of our reality. Since they’re using the tool as the lens by which they are looking through for this series, they thought it might be helpful to talk with Jimmy about it.

We’re grateful for Jimmy’s time to chat. In this episode, he shares where the tool came from and how he has used it in his ministry. It’s so much more than just a gospel sharing tool. It’s a conversation tool to help us articulate the gospel. Listen to this episode, “The Gospel of Nothing! — Three Circles with Jimmy Scroggins” here:

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