Success and Faithfulness in Discipleship and Gospel Sowing


The Christian life is about faithfulness, but it's difficult to know when we're succeeding at the Christian.  How do we measure faithfulness?  What is the measure of success? 

Success gets sticky when it comes to reaching the lost and engaging the mission field.  Mission teams, evangelists, and church planting networks often count the number of professions of faith, or baptisms, or churches planted, but does that measure faithfulness?  Are these things the correct measurement? 

Maybe you're in a mission field that's not ready for gospel planting. You need to do some severe rock removal.  Pre-sowing work is hard work but doesn't produce the results we typically measure as 'success.'  Does this mean you are not faithful?  Of course not! 

Some of us may need to re-think our definition of success in evangelism and discipleship.  We might need a better understanding of what faithfulness looks like across the mission field. 

Brett Ricley has filmed a short training video that helps get a better handle of how we should think about faithfulness and success in mission, evangelism, and discipleship.  

We hope that this video is helpful.  Now, get out there and be faithful in whatever stages your fields are in.  

For the Kingdom!