"Prof" Howard Hendricks on Leadership


A few years ago, I posted a recording from Howard Hendricks from a lecture he gave at a Campus Crusade For Christ meeting.  The topic: motivation.  Recently, a reader reached out and informed me that he has two other lectures from that meeting on cassette tape.  I was tickled with joy!  The man is having them converted to a digital format so we can share them.  

In addition to the additional lectures, the reader also forwarded me a couple links to videos.  There is a possibility--although I am not positive--that these videos may have come from the same conference as the motivation lecture.  However, there is good reason to think that Dr. Hendricks gave similar lectures in multiple venues. 

In this video, Prof Hendricks talks about the six characteristics of leadership.  It's a great video and worth the 17 minutes to watch it.  

For the Kingdom! 
Bryan Catherman