American Genocide - Planned Parrenthood Killed 333,964 in 365 Days

Planned Parenthood has published their 2011-2012 Annual Report.

From October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011, Planned Parenthood provided 10,864,959 services to women and men that included screening for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, distributing birth control, and a number of other services.  Normally this would be celebrated if not for the dark shadow cast over it all.  3% of these services were abortions, totaling 333,964.  Nearly 11 million women and men, girls and boys, entered a Planned Parenthood clinic to receive services; but of them, 333,964 girls and boys were summary executed in the name of becoming "the healthiest generation ever."  That's one murder ever 94.4 seconds preformed by Planned Parenthood, and they are but one institution that conducts these organized executions. (The Gospel Coalition reports that, "In 2009, 784,507 legal induced abortions were reported to the Centers for Disease Control from 48 reporting areas.")

If the death of 333,964 lives were not enough, there's at least a third of a million women who will live the rest of their lives with this black stain, this year, if not more.  There's probably another another quarter of a million men who must live with this blood on their hands, this year.  How many relationships where ripped to pieces or suffered great difficulty because their baby was an unwanted burden, collateral damage from their sexual fun?

Of the 1 billion dollars of annual revenue, $542,400,000 is listed under the "Government Health Services Grants and Reimbursements" column.  Although Planned Parenthood offers many services, it should still be shocking that the American people were willing to give over 500 million dollars to an organization that openly kills babies.  This same organization, interestingly enough, only spent 41.5 million dollars on sexual education.  That's 15 million dollars less than they spent on fundraising and 10 million dollars less than they spent on lobbying law makers to shape public policy in their favor and defend their practices from political attack.   Even the opening letter and message from Cecilia Boone, the Chair and Cecile Richards, the President gives more words to politics than it does to anything else.

How much is life worth at Planned Parenthood?  What is the real cost of becoming the healthiest generation?  Another way to look at the services rendered at Planned Parenthood is to measure them against the cost of the lives taken.  10,530,885 health services to include STD testing, cancer screenings, and preventive care were provided and it only cost the life of one child per 31.5 visits.  Maybe we should look at the daily operating cost of each clinic.  If 63 people were to walk though to doors to get free or low cost cancer screenings or birth control, only 2 human beings have to give up their rights to a healthy life; only 2 human beings have to give up their future potential; only two human beings have to die for today's health services rendered. Is this how we should place value on human life?

I wonder how much more good Planned Parenthood could do with much less political involvement and costly lobbying if they simply stopped contributing to this genocide?  After all, it only accounted for 3% of the services they render.

[Jared Jenkins of does a really nice job expanding what this report should mean to us in light of our worldview and understanding of the Gospel.  It's well worth reading.] 

* With exception to the Gospel Coalition quote, all information cited in this post came directly from the 2011-2012 Planned Parenthood Report. 
** Photo by Flickr user longtrekhome, is registered under a creative commons license and is used by permission.