When Dudes are Bros

There is something hanging in the air that seems to encourage men to run alone.  Many of us think it's more manly to be a lone wolf, the cowboy gunslinger who trusts only his ability with a 6-shooter.  We look at the big challenges in life and feel like we must be the single gladiator in the ring facing the deadly monsters.  We tell ourselves, "I must face this one on my own, this is my battle."  But this thing that tells us this, whatever it is, is a great lie that will eventually destroy us.

If we look to the New Testament, we find men working in teams.  "Well," you may say, "Jesus faced Satan alone when he went out to the desert to be tested."  Read that story again.  The Holy Spirit let Jesus into the desert.  And remember that he had a perfect communion with the Father.  And when he was finished successfully facing the tempter, angels administered to his needs.  Then, as he began his public ministry, he put some disciples around him, but this was not only for their benefit because we see that he had three guys that served on his A-team.  Look at who he takes into the garden with him on that night before going to the cross.  And really, we may be well suited to examine guys like John, Peter,  and Paul.  Take a look at Acts.  These guys are serving and praying together.  They are a team, not lone rangers.  Read the letters they sent out to others and notice how much they encourage the brothers.  The needed each other and they didn't hide behind a bizarre pride by which many man are weighed down. 

Andy Conroy and Jared Jenkins, are among a group of guys who get together for coffee (and artisan breads) each week to make an intentional effort to encourage and pray for one another.  It's significant and important so we sat down and recorded a conversation about men's ministry and why it's important for this week's episode of "Salty Believer Unscripted."

I'd like to invite you to check it out.  Have a listen here.  Also, I'd love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact me here.

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