The Wrong Savior

I find it amazing how many people watch this video (or videos much like this one) and see the ideas contained within it as their salvation.  I have even had people calling themselves Christians say to me that this video is Christianity.  If that's true, than their flavor of Christianity seems to be missing the most important part of the Bible--Jesus, the Savior of the world, the one and only source of our salvation.

We often hear this kind of message from Hollywood and the music industry.  There are shelves of books that push this same story.  Sure, we get excited and hopeful because we want to live in a perfect world.  We are wired to want more than our depraved nature can offer. 

Watch this video.  It's the message the world provides for hope, but notice what's missing.  Notice what is provided as the substitute for the salvation presented in the Good News of the Bible. 

I can see how we would all desire such a thing, but this idea seeks a false solution because it offers a false savior; the idea of this video is the worship of an idol, a false god.  And as we look at this presentation, we must ask ourselves if this idea has ever been achieve in the past and if it can really ever be achieved in the future apart from Christ.  Can greed really be eliminated from our existence when its very existence is so apparent even among babies who are unwilling to share their toys?