UnScripted: More on The Story

Pastor Jared Jenkins and I are now in the deep end of the pool with Salty Believer Unscripted, a podcast of unscripted conversations on theological, biblical, or ministry related topics.  When this post is published, our second discussion of the series will be up and available on iTunes.

We have been discussing the meta-narrative of the Bible and its importance.  The series is called The Story and it's available on the audio version of the Salty Believer Podcast. 

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Shortly after ending a systematic theology class due to low attendance, I started thinking about the busy lives of Americans.  I realized that people are not simply excited about attending classes or learning more on these kinds of topics--they need, it seems, an appetizer.  Therefore, I started making short videos and recording podcasts.  Whether it serves to excite people to physically sit in class or not, the series on The Story has already prompted responses and Jared and I are greatly enjoying the processes of recording these conversations. That are becoming a highlight of my week.

If you have been listening, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  You can contact us through this website, or please, rate and review the podcast on iTunes.  We are thankful for your participation and appreciate that you listen.  If you haven't been listening, I'd like to invite you to subscribe and join in on this conversation.  If you would like to hear a sample before subscribing, these recordings are available in the Resources section of this website.