Praying for Those Who Fill Empty Seats

One of the best "problems" for any church to have is to run out of space.  More people than chairs. More demand than supply.   Sometimes this means starting another service, buying more chairs, acquiring another building, or planting another church.   My church is growing and will, by the grace of God, continue to have this "problem," so we had a Chair Repair Party.

The Chair Repair Party gave us a few more rows and some more empty seats to fill.  It is exciting to think about who may one day sit in the additional seats.  And it should excite us.  Churches should be praying for people to fill their empty seats.  Believers should be continually looking for more metaphorical chairs to set in their own lives and they should be praying that God will fill the seats. 

I recently heard of a church that is so full each Sunday, a fire marshal has to stand at the door and count the people as they go it.  As soon as the building is full to its maximum capacity, no more people can go in.  I believe this happens because the people of this church pray.

Could you image what the world would look like if every church had a fire marshal outside the door counting?  Could you imagine what your community would look like if every time you set a new seat it was filled that week?  Could you imagine the magnitude of a church filled to capacity, no more seats?  Pray.


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