Church Planter by Darrin Patrick

I have not yet read Church Planter by Darrin Patrick, but by the video and some reviews I've read, I am intrigued.  Church planting books usually have a lot to say about planting philosophy, methodology, and strategy.  There is a lot of "how to." But unlike most other books on church planting, Patrick seems to place the bulk, if not all of his attention on the planter. It's about "who to." In the same vain as Eugene Peterson's, Working the Angles, Patrick appears to argue: get the core right within the leader and the the rest will fall in where it needs to fall in.  By keeping God in focus, a church plant will have life.  And if I am understanding correctly, he starts with the planter, not the community, not the sender, not the financial support, not the vision for the church. 

I've placed this book on my wish list and look forward to reading it.