Coffee for Christ

This website has generally been free of advertisements, but as I'm drinking a cup of coffee this Sunday morning, I thought I would interrupt this blog for a brief commercial break.

If you're a coffee drinker and you spend between $0.70 and $0.90 per ounce for your beans, you should consider purchasing your coffee from one of the many organizations selling quality coffee to raise funds for ministry.  The price is typically the same for this coffee as it is for other specialty brands like Starbucks, and usually the flavor and quality is the same, if not better.  The major difference is that rather than the profits going into a commercial corporation's bottom line or to enhance an owner's lifestyle, they go toward ministry efforts.

Two examples include Saint's Coffee (which Tom Davis and I highly recommend) and Acts 29 Coffee (which comes highly recommend by a Danny Braga, a friend).  Saint's Coffee is raising money to care for orphans overseas, mostly in Africa.  Acts 29 Coffee is raising money for church planting in America. 

It may not seem like much of a contribution individually, but when many individuals purchase coffee, the proceeds add up, like the Proverbs ant (Proverbs 6:6, 30:24-25).  Churches that typically serve coffee before, during, and after Sunday services and other weekly gatherings, should consider one of these coffee fund-raising options as another way to support various ministry efforts outside their walls.

There can be a charge for shipping; however, some of these organizations offer free shipping for orders over a certain size.  If you have a little extra space, it might be something worth doing.

* I have no material connection to either of the organizations or products mentioned in this post.  The photos come from the websites and, and admittedly are being used without permission (Although I am happy to remove them and the links to their respective sites if requested to do so.)