Brothers Hitchens

Among the vocal, atheist-evangelists of the present day is a man named Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens feels that the woes of society are caused by religion, and Christianity is potentially the worst proponent of all evil in the world.  He authored a book, among many books, titled God is Not Great.  He travels and speaks publicly but he spends most of his time authoring articles.  He is something of a hero among atheists, likely due to his level-headed debate and reasoning skills. 

A number of Christians have debated Christopher Hitchens publicly--Douglas Wilson even went to far as to jointly publish a point-counterpoint book with him called Is Christianity GOOD for the World? Then the two men went on to film a series of debates that appear in the film, "Collision."  An informal running debate between Hitchens and Ravi Zacharias is slowly playing out in print and interviews and maybe these two will eventually square off face to face.   

What's most interesting however, is that his brother, Peter Hitchens, has written a book in reaction to Christopher's work.  It's titled The Rage Against God.  Peter grew up in the same environment as his brother, Christopher.  And Peter too was an outspoken atheist.  However, at some point Peter reversed his position and now professes a faith in Christ.

I can't help but wonder what it might be like when these two brothers get together for a cup of tea.  Might it be time for a film simply called "Hitchens"?  Let them both speak, argue, and debate from the same background, the same blood.  They probably know each other like most brothers do, which may tear down some walls that otherwise are indestructible, or not.  They probably have sibling history.  Sibling rivalry.  An unspeakable connection.  And more than anything, these two brothers have a vested interest, maybe, in a longer term relationship than any other debating opponents.  Or not; it's difficult to tell.  Either way, this is a face off that has me interested.

Here's a clip from Peter Hitchens about his story and his new book:

Peter Hitchens Author Interview--The Rage Against God from Gorilla Poet Productions on Vimeo.
 Peter Hitchens, author of The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith

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