Easter: To Dance with the Creator

April 4, 2010

Easter is the celebration of something so spectacular that words can't represent the magnitude of Jesus' love for us.  No doubt, many people will visit a church this Easter to appease relatives, assuage their guilt, or mistakenly believe that their presence in a church building will somehow grant them salvation.  Most churches will present the gospel of Jesus to these people with the honest hope that they may hear it, see it, feel it, and find themselves reaching for the salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

This dance by Rachel Morreale is a spectacularly moving presentation of the gospel.  I hope you will take a moment to watch it.  Whether you've been dancing with Jesus for many, many years or you've never before danced with the Creator of the Universe, I pray that Rachel's performance stirs your heart again, or for the first time, to dance with Christ.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Jesus Christ or share how you can become his dancing partner.  Please feel free to contact me.

In Christ,
Bryan Catherman