Update: SLC Project, Mid-February

By Bryan Catherman, February 20, 2010

For those interested, I through I would offer another church plant update.  Maybe "church plant" is not the right word at this point; it's the goal and hope but the moment, this is more of an effort we're calling the SLC Project.

Kyle and Joy Costello have moved into their home in downtown Salt Lake.  It's a nice home in a great location.  They've wasted no time getting to know the people and the area.  Lisa and I had the privilege of enjoying dinner with them last week.  (Tip: Joy makes amazing vegan cookies!)   Kyle's posted video update on the SLC Project website; I've included it with this post.  It's about 6 minutes in length and work the time.  Check it out. (If you're interested in what's happening with the SLC Project, I highly recommend you check out the website.) 

Keven, Karen, and Braden Rogers have also landed in Salt Lake City.  My plan was to help them unload their truck after work, but I was thrilled to hear that an army of SLC men from a local Bible study group got the job done in about two hours.  Way to represent, boys!  They've only been here a few days and slowly but surely they too are getting settled in.

Jonathan Cole is on the road as I type this post.  He'll be staying at my place for a little while as he applies for work and looks for an apartment.  We're all praying for him and his upcoming job interview later next week.

Some of the guys are meeting each Thursday morning to discuss our weekly Bible reading, pray, and chat.  We're meeting at a small coffee shop near the Gallivan Plaza TRAX stop (because it's convenient for me to head straight to work from there), but we may have to seek out a place with a bigger seating area.  This past Thursday I met another gentleman from the Las Vegas area praying and contemplating a move to SLC to join the Project.  We haven't been meeting long, but I am already finding that this time is one of the highlights of my week.

I am looking forward to witnessing how God will use this group for His glory in SLC.  If you'd like to know more, chat with Kyle over coffee, or whatever, check out the SLC Project website for more info or feel free to contact me.