Update: SLC Project

January 21, 2010.

Kyle Costello, the lead pastor on the SLC Project, has recorded a brief update for those interested in, or involved with the church plant coming to Salt Lake City.  And rather than just posting his update, I thought I'd take a moment to offer some insight from my limited SLC prospective as well. First, here's Kyle,

When Lisa and I were preparing to move to Seattle to go with the Taproot church planting team, we realized just how much faith it takes to venture into a different city, one that's practically unknown, without any idea where we would live or work.  But through God's providence, we ended up moving to Salt Lake City instead.  And now we have the unique opportunity to welcome and help the families coming from Portland.  Hopefully we can alleviate some of these unknowns, even if only a little.  We're blessed to be in this position.

Lisa and I have been praying for years to see more followers of Christ come to be (and join with) the Church in the Salt Lake City. We're also praying that God calls many, many people that already live here to follow Jesus and be a part of his family, growing together as a community.  (If you're reading this and thinking, "what's the deal with this, I think want to know more," please don't hesitate to contact Kyle, Kevin, or me.)  We live just south of Sugarhouse.  I work right in the middle of downtown; I ride Trax.  We love this city and we love our community.

I've spent a little time chatting with Kevin Rogers over the phone and I've met with Kyle Costello, Howie Smith, and Jeremy Cox in SLC, over coffee.  It's a great group and I can't wait to meet the rest of the team.

"What do you think this church will look like?" Lisa asked me early on.  The truth is, I really don't know other than that it will be a community of people worshiping Jesus together.  I'm excited to see how God brings it about. 

We have some room in our house to host these families as they come to look for housing and work.  We might even have one planter stay with us for a couple months, but we're still determining if this will work out.  It looks like Kevin, Karen, there son Braden, and maybe one other person will be the first Portlanders to crash at our place.  They're coming next week and we're thrilled to host them. We hope to be able to bless other people coming soon too.

It's kind of odd being here in the city where the others are coming.  They have meetings and are getting to know each other better.  And they're praying together.  But Lisa and I just have to wait until they get here.  We want to help out and sometimes we might be a little overeager (me, really; Lisa doesn't seem to have that kid-on-Christmas-Eve thing going on like I do).

If you'd like to know more or if you're called to be a part of the SLC Project, please get in touch with Kyle.  If you would like to help this plant financially, you can do so here.  And please, please be praying for the planters coming from PDX, the plant itself, and the city of Salt Lake.