Journey Through John, 2-Minutes per Day


Nearly 6-months ago, I started posting 2-minute videos on YouTube, each discussing a single verse in the book of John. People could (and still can) subscribe to receive an email—Monday through Friday—that contains the written verse and a link to the video. At this point, subscribers have watched over 3 hours and twenty minutes of discussion, 2-minutes at a time. We're nearing Chapter 4.

I realize that people may not want to start where we're presently at, so now you can subscribe to an email list that starts at the beginning.

Subscribe to Journey Through John (From the Beginning) here.

By the time we've walked through the 879 verses in John, there will be nearly 30 hours of discussion, 2-minutes per day, one verse at a time.

Two-minutes each day is not much. It’s not difficult. One verse to read to you and a couple of things to think about or meditate on each day, all from the simplicity of a video. It only takes two minutes each day (Monday through Friday). What a good way to start the day. This is an easy way to be in the word daily, and the email makes it even easier.

At the same time, while two minutes isn’t much, 30 hours of commentary offered for you to consider little by little each day is a big accomplishment. The emails help keep you on track and you’ll be in God’s word every weekday.

If you've previously signed up for Journey Through John (Newest Videos) but you've fallen behind, I recommend subscribing to this subscription and sign up for Journey Through John (From the Beginning).

It's not difficult to waste minutes here and there. But it's also not difficult to use two minutes in a disciplined way that will drive you into the Word of God and grow you.

Here's a sample video. It's John 3:17.

Here's another sample.  There are some occasional summaries or explanation videos, but not many.  In this video, I show how the first 18 verses of John are a prologue and each of those verses correspond to the entire rest of the book of John.