Character of Leadership by Jeff Iorg


It's no surprise that I recommend books by Dr. Jeff Iorg.  I believe his take on leadership is spot-on, and he's a down-to-earth guy who is approachable and a good model for Christian leadership.   Dr. Iorg has also been an influential force in my life as the president of Gateway Seminary and a lecturer in one of my doctoral seminars.   

Therefore, it's with great joy that I am recommending one of his older books.  The Character of Leadership: Nine Qualities that Define Great Leaders, by Jeff Iorg, is a book for leaders or soon-to-be leaders.  It's not just reserved for ministry leaders.  It's a book for all leaders who want to lead in a biblical, godly way.  

In the past few years, character has become lacking in leaders.  Sadly, there are times when this is true of Christian leaders.  Irog's book directly combats this growing problem.  

The greatest strength of The Character of Leadership is in the experience and skill of its author.  The book is believable because Dr. Iorg is a credible Christian leader.   The book is also easy to read, full of examples and stories, and not buzzy or forced.  It's relevant and (I think) timeless.  

I did find myself thinking the chapters were a little longer than Iorg's more recent books.  Knowing the speed I could move through some of his other books, I read this book during in a gap in my days that was perfect for the other books.  No so much with the longer chapters of The Character of Leadership.   That meant I was returning to a chapter midway through.  There are subsections in the chapters but they are often built around lists.  To get back into the flow, I'd have to skim back a ways to be sure I remembered the point the list was making.  Even so, I'm not sure if there's much that needed to be changed other than the time I selected to read the book.  

Here's a brief video where I share some of my thoughts on the book: 

I highly recommend The Character of Leadership to anyone who wants to lead in a godly way, in ministry or otherwise.