Awakenings and Revivals

A co-laborer in ministry, Brett Ricley, and I were praying for our city and discussing lostness and how things might change in our community.  As we continued to pray, we both started coming to some ideas about revival and awakening.  Then, around this same time, I picked up the next magazine in my old stack of Christian History Magazine and it happened to be about revivals and awakenings. Within days, Brett's Church history professor asked the class to read a series of articles from an on-line archive of the same magazine, even the same volume and issue.  So we decided that God might be trying to teach us something.  

As we explored the idea of revival and awakening in our city and well beyond our community, we decided that it was an interesting topic for Salty Believer Unscripted.  We brought Jared Jenkins into our conversation, and then God brought Vance Pitman and Nik Ripken into the conversation for some great interviews.  Over the weeks of the series, we discussed definitions, Scripture, the Great Awakenings in the US, the way God is moving in the rest of the world, and much more.  

If you did not listen to the series, I still want to encourage you to listen to our series, "Revivals and Awakenings."  

Revivals and Awakenings
-- Part 1: Introduction audio      
-- Part 2: Our 'Personal Revivals' audio 
-- Part 3: The First Great Awakening audio
-- Part 4: Lessons From the First Great Awakening audio 
-- Part 5: The Second Great Awakening audio
-- Part 6: Lessons From the Second Great Awakening audio
-- Part 7: Awakening in the West (with Vance Pitman) audio   
-- Part 8: The Third Great Awakening audio    
-- Part 9: The Other Awakenings?  audio
-- Part 10: Awakenings Around the World (with Nik Ripken) audio 

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