Apostles' Creed (Life Guide Bible Study) by Alister McGrath

McGrath, Alister. Apostle's Creed (Life Guide Bible Series) Dower's Grove, Ill: IVP Connect, 2016.

 Alister McGrath's study of the Apostle's Creed is simple, which is what makes it perfect for newer believers or those who have never studied the biblical basis for the Creed. (IVP actually calls each chapter a separate study, so this thin little booklet is actually identified as 6 studies.)  This little study guide is meant to accompany his book, I Believe although the study guide does well to stand alone.   

In the study guide, McGrath divides the Creed into 6 sections and then looks at the Scripture that supports each section. He also includes an introduction to the Creed that includes 3 reasons why it's important, a brief history, and a road map for personal or group study. Each chapter includes discussion questions and prayer prompts. In the back, there's a guide for group leaders that includes lesson plans and additional discussion prompts.

Apostle's Creed is a Life Guide Bible Study from IVP Connect. IVP sent it to me to consider for review.  When it arrived, I had my doubts.  I thought it might end up being cheeky, but the information (although short) was good.  The questions were open-ended and drove me into deeper thinking.  This is my first Life Guide Bible Studies study guide, but I really enjoyed it as a personal study.   As a pastor, I can also see how this could make a great study for small groups (or even a teaching or preaching series if you do topical studies).

I highly recommend this study guide for group or personal study.  I'm considering picking up additional studies from Life Guide the next time I lead a small group at Redeeming Life Church. This series from IVP has hundreds of studies in biblical books as well as hundreds more on various topics (although they are each their own chapters, so probably dozens of multi-chapter books).

You can purchase this book on Amazon.com by following this link