Any Given Sunday

It can be difficult to really know what's going on across the nation when the loudest voices rise to the top.  The evening news features the stories that elicit the most negative emotion.  Social media is usually like the stuff swirling around a tornado-- loud, dark, and something that causes sane people to stay out of.  Popular media, art, and entertainment seem to avoid emulating what is in favor of what could never be.  So how does anyone know what's happening across the nation? 

As Christians, we sometimes wonder if the Bible is fading into dust.  Are people still preaching God's Word?  What's going on in Wisconsin?  How about Kentucky?  Oregon?  Is anyone still seeking God?  Do we, as a nation, cherish God's inerrant revelation?  Or are we alone?

In an effort to provide encouragement in our divided and difficult times, an organization called Unlocking the Bible selected a single Sunday and went looking for gospel preaching in all 50 states of the United States.  As it turns out, God's Word is indeed being preached across the nation.  


I am honored that they found and selected a sermon I preached to represent Utah.  Redeeming Life Church, where I pastor, is a church that loves Jesus.  They desperately seek to know God through is Word and his people.   I'm blessed to have the opportunity to pastor this church and preach God's Word there.  If you're reading this, I hope you watch the above video and I'd like to invite you to be our guest at Redeeming Life Church.  We meet for prayer and communion at 10am and a worship service at 11am.  2070 N. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.  See you Sunday! 

You can listen to the entire sermon from September 18, 2016 here.  It's the first sermon from our Leviticus series.