A Pastor Is. . .


Toward the end of 2017, we aired a podcast series called, "A Pastor Is. . ."  The idea was to chat with pastors about what informs their thinking and pastorate.  It was a diverse group, although probably not as different as it could have been.  It should only take you a second to notice that we did not get the perspective of pastors in other countries.  Neither did we interview a female. And we didn't cover the range of theological differences.  But before you go crazy, understand that we were asking our friends and contacts to join us for this series.  If we were trying to get a more comprehensive range, we probably could have.  Maybe we should have.  In any case, we still found it informative to have the voices we did.  And we has some great guests! 

If you're a pastor, thinking about entering the ministry, or you want a better lens to understand your pastor through, this series might be helpful.  And if nothing else, it's a fascinating series.  Notice the many differences, even among our less-than-diverse group of pastor guests.  

We also tried sharing episodes on YouTube.  It was a worthy attempt, but it would seem the traffic didn't warrant the extra work.  We may try again in the future, but for now, we'll stick to the typical MP3 audio and normal podcast channels.  

A Pastor Is. . . 
-- Part 1: Introduction audio / YouTube
-- Part 2: Peyton Jones audio / YouTube
-- Part 3: Jared Jenkins audio / YouTube
-- Part 4. Michael Cooper on planters as pastor audio / YouTube
-- Part 5: Michael Cooper on finding pastors audio / YouTube
-- Part 6: Dale Noe audio / YouTube
-- Part 7: Douglas Wilson audio / YouTube
-- Part 8: Ben Fust audio / YouTube
-- Part 9: Conclusion audio / Youtube