4 Years of Salt Believer Unscripted


Four years ago, I pulled the trigger on a crazy idea I had harbored for a few years.  I wanted to record unscripted conversations between people in ministry.  Now to be fair, these weren't going to be secret conversations--the participants would know they were on a podcast. The challenge however, was to get someone to join in the conversation.  Nobody wants to listen to a guy talk to himself. 

Enter Jared Jenkins

I pitched my idea to Jared and for some reason he bought it.  Maybe my pitch was more of a trick, but in any case, he sat with me and recorded a podcast.  (We filmed it too, which was really goofy.)  Then he came back and recorded another podcast with me.  Then another.  Soon enough, we started recording series that covered diverse topics.  Now, four years later, Jared Jenkins is a staple on Salty Believer Unscripted. 

On the fourth anniversary of Salty Believer Unscripted we recorded an episode that addressed the same question as our first podcast, only with four years of the pastorate between then and now.  

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If you'd like to listen to our first podcast or the podcast of our four year anniversary, click on the links below.  Or visit the Salt Believer Unscripted page to find all our podcasts.  

-- Seminary with Jared Jenkins  audio (The first podcast!)
-- Four Years of Salty Believer Unscripted audio

Whether you've been with for the past four years or you join in somewhere along the way, thanks for listening.  Until next time! 
Bryan Catherman

P.S> Here's that video we made of the first podcast. (There's a reason we stuck with audio after this!)