Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen

Too often, we don't want to accept that ministry costs money, most ministry anyway.  There are some that grow offended at the mention of money, but I wonder if they take offense when they read what Paul said about it in 1 Corinthians 16:1-3?  Most ministry requires resources and resources often need to be raised. 

I have a deep desire to plant a self-supporting church in Salt Lake, but as Redeeming Life is getting started, we need a little help.  It's like the wire rack around a tomato plant or scaffolding on a building under construction.  So I have had to engage in yet another pastoral necessity that I didn't learn in seminary: fundraising.  Along my recent journey, I was turned on to Henri Nouwen's Spirituality of Fundraising (Upper Room, 2011).  You can purchase it or you might be able to find an electronic copy on the Internet. Either way, if you're in ministry and need to raise support, you need to find this book.   

Nouwen takes the awkward thinking out of the idea of fundraising with biblical explanation.  In addition, Nouwen demonstrates that having money can be just as awkward as asking for money.  Henry Freeman reflects on Nouwen's work in this brief video, "Making Space for Wealthy (and well-known) People at Your Table." 

Nouwen's book is short and easy to read.  Missionaries and church planters really need to have this book among their resources.  And if you're a person with money, this book has the potential to help you think about how to best engage in Kingdom work what God has bless you with.  There is a place at the table for you.  I highly recommend this book. 

And if you've stumbled on this page because God has blessed you with resources that you'd like to use to partner with God's mission in Salt Lake (see what I'm doing from the book?), there's an opportunity to help us get a foothold in our mission to see Salt Lake redeemed by the power of the gospel.  Learn more here.  Or if you'd rather support a missionary in Salt Lake, I'd like to encourage you to consider Brett Ricley.  Learn more here