The Role of the Pastor, Seen 'Through Working the Angles'

Early in my season of seminary, I was assigned the book, Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity by Eugene Peterson.  Like every other book I was required to read in seminary, I was also required to write a critique of the work.  You can read that, in part, here.

While in school, I rushed through the book and had very little experience to run alongside what I was reading.  The concepts were convicting and I believe I began to shape a solid idea of how a pastor operates in the pastorate.  However, as I entered the pastorate, the demands of "keeping shop" as Peterson describes were more intense than I had anticipated.  Over the duration of my first year in ministry, the concepts of Peterson's book and the convictions I held started slipping away.  So I picked up the book again and invited Jared Jenkins to read it with me. 

Actually, I had started reading the book and suggested we discuss it on our podcast, Salty Believer Unscripted.  Jared hadn't picked up a copy but I pressed him (and threatened--on the podcast--not to speak a word to him until he read the book).  So using the Peterson's framework, we discussed the book.  Afterwards, we decided to make it a short series. 
The Role of the Pastor (A.K.A. Working the Angles)
-- Working the Angles Part 1: Introduction audio
-- Working the Angles Part 2: Prayer audio
-- Working the Angles Part 3: Scripture audio
-- Working the Angles Part 4: Spiritual Direction audio   

The primary objection to this book (and our series) often comes in the form of an ill-informed excuse.  "But I'm not a pastor," objectors say, "why would I want or need to read this book?" Jared and I address this in our podcast series but that won't help you if this objection keeps you from listening.  Why should you read this book?  Because if you are a Christian, you pastor someone.  (Little p pastor-- you minister, tend to, shepherd, care for, or love someone, if not many someones.)  A second reason, is Peterson is right, is to better understand how your pastor should be encouraged to operate.  For these two reasons alone, you at least aught to listen to the podcasts, if not read the book.

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