"The Story" Series

While Jared Jenkins and I were recording the first edition for the new Salty Believer Unscripted podcast, we discussed some things about our seminary experiences that really changed us.  These where the big mind-blowing things of seminary.  One of those things was coming to understand the meta-narrative of the Bible.  That's a fancy way of saying, "The Big Story."  This is God's story, or the story of the redemptive history of God, or as Jared says, "God's plan for everything."  (If you missed that first podcast, you can see the video here or listen to the audio by subscribing to the podcast.)

I started thinking about The Story and felt that maybe I should teach an informal class on it.  Jared seemed to have the same thoughts because he started a class for the youth he teaches.  Then I received an e-mail through the website asking why we both said that understanding The Story was so great but then said nothing else about it.  Therefore, we are starting a series on The Story.  You can listen to the introduction to the series here: The Story, Part 1.

In addition, we discuss some ways you can learn The Story better.  One of those ways is to pick up a good children's Bible that actually tells the story well.  A previously written post titled "Choosing a Bible for your Kids" will help you identify a good selection. (Information about he Bibles we discuss in the podcast can be found in that post.)  The other thing you can do is start reading the Bible chronological order.   Under the "Useful Websites" heading on the Resources page of SaltyBeliever.com, you'll find some links for reading plans.  Any of those will do if you select a chronological plan.

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*Photo taken by Flickr.com user NCinDC, and is used by permission.