On Staff with Risen Life

It was a tough day when Lisa and I came to understand that the best thing we could do for a church plant in downtown Salt Lake City was to pull out, but it was right.  We're a mini-van family and we don't wear knitted hats in July. 

As that planting project was getting going, I knew Lisa, my kids, and I still needed a place to corporately worship Jesus and grow closer to him. 

I had served with Pastor Robert Marshall some years before and I had been listening to his preaching via pod-casts for over a year.  And Holladay Baptist Church (now called Risen Life Church)--where Robert and Kevin Lund serve as pastors--was just up the street from us and we had a connection; therefore, it seemed like a good place to visit for a while as the church plant was still making their way to town.  It was a great fit and we loved it. 

After attending Holladay Baptist Church for about 3 months, I wrote a post about it.  (Read it here.) While the name is now changed to Risen Life Church, I still believe this post is true about this great body of believers. I pray it is true of Lisa and I too, considering that this is our body.

And as we decided to steer our mini-van away from the church plant and toward an established church that holds the Bible in high view and teaches from it Sunday after Sunday, it seemed only right that we would point our van to Holladay Baptist.  We loved it and settled in easily and quickly.  This family quickly became our family.  We both found places to serve, started a community group in our home, and made friends.  And we have seen it grow, physically and spiritually.  And we got to take a part in its name change.

And now I am thrilled to share that I have accepted a full-time position as the pastor of mobilization and community at Risen Life Church!  This position will allow me to serve side by side with other staff members.  I will be looking for ways to get people connected with one another, places for service and outreach, opportunities to teach the Bible, and so much more.  I'm teaching classes, leading community groups, developing opportunities, and serving this body.  In addition, I'm laboring in a very dry part of the Lord's Vineyard.  (Only about 3% of the Utah population is evangelical Christian.)

I'm blessed to have such an opportunity; however, I'm asking for your prayers and support.

Soli Deo gloria!

Bryan Catherman