Film: Unveiling Grace

Over the course of an hour, eight people share their testimonies of how they came to know Jesus Christ. Previously they were all LDS, but as they began to study the Bible and ask questions in an effort to seek the Truth of God, something changed in them.  Most of them set out to prove the truth of Mormonism but found themselves following truth in an unexpected direction.

As these eight share their personal testimonies, there is no doubt that Mormons may find some of the statements offensive; but not because the statements are intended to be offensive.  Instead, it will likely be because it's a normal part of human nature to take offense at statements that disagree with how we live our lives.  Think about the initial reaction of the sinner (which is all of us) his or her beloved actions are defined as sin.  Think about the first reaction to the idea of submission to something other than ourselves.  However, if we are honest about seeking out what is true, then we must be willing to go where that journey will lead us, regardless of where we have been.

I don't suspect that many members of the LDS faith will watch this video to its conclusion, which is no different than Christians being unwilling to read (or watch) LDS material.  But if one is honest about knowing the Truth of God, than there should be no fear in engaging in material from other faith groups and beliefs.  If a belief is true and of God, than it should have little trouble standing up against false claims.

I have tremendous respect for anyone who honestly and earnestly is seeking to find the Truth of God. And I'm happy to join in this journey with you.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.