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Salty Believer Unscripted
Hosted by Bryan Catherman

Make Disciples
-- Part 1, An Introduction audio
-- Part 2, Snatching Some From the Fire audio
-- Part 3, A Biblical Relational for Missions and Evangelism audio
-- Part 4, 6 Spheres of Evangelism audio
-- Part 5, Prayer audio
-- Part 6, Personal Evangelism audio

Jared Jenkins on Isaiah
-- Part 1, The Lay of the Land audio
-- Part 2, A Walk Through Chapter 8 audio
-- Part 3, Nine Through 35 audio
-- Part 4, The Life of Hezekiah audio
-- Part 5, Isaiah Shifts Gears audio
-- Part 6, The Conclusion audio

Church Planting
-- What is Church Planting? audio
-- An Interview with Dr. Rich Johnstone audio
-- An Interview with Stephen Bruker audio
-- An Interview with Mike Littleton audio
-- An Interview with Kyle Costello audio
-- An Interview with Dave Nelson audio
-- An Interview with Bryan Catherman audio
-- An Interview with Dr. J.D. Payne audio
-- Another Interview with Dr. J.D. Payne audio
-- An Interview with Dr. Jeff Iorg audio
-- Another Interview with Dr. Jeff Iorg audio
-- An Interview with Danny Braga audio

An Overview of Eschatology
-- An Intro of the Terms audio
-- Prophecy: A Difficult Task audio
-- The Near-Far Views of Prophecy audio
-- Scripture, Not Man's Ideas audio
-- Definitions: How We See Prophecy audio
-- Understanding the Millennium audio
-- Why We Should Study for Ourselves audio
-- The Tribulation and Rapture audio
-- The The Glory and Wonder of Heaven audio
-- Hell is for Real audio

Scriptures Every Christian Should Know
-- Introduction and John 3:16 audio
-- Ephesians 2:8-10 audio
-- Deuteronomy 6:5-9 and Isaiah 64:5-6 audio
-- Isaiah 26:3-4, Isaiah 32:8, and Acts 9:26-31  audio
-- Romans 8:28-30 and Jeremiah 29:11 auido
-- 1 John 1:9 and Matthew 5:17-20 audio
-- Philippians 4:13 and Philippians 4:6 audio

Surviving Church With Children
-- An Introduction to the Issue audio
-- A Correct Attitude Toward Children audio
-- Teaching in Terms They Can Understand audio
-- Behinds the Scene of Children's Ministry with Kerryn Talbot audio
-- Teaching and Preaching "R Rated" Texts audio
-- Training Up Your Adolescent Children with Dr. Randy Stinson  audio
-- Training Up Your Teenage Children with Dr. Randy Stinson audio

Church Planting in Changing Times
-- A Discussion on Church Planting in a Changing Culture with Dr. Albert Mohler audio 
-- A Discussion on Reproducible Church Planting with Dr. J.D. Payne audio

Train Yourself For Godliness: A Journey in the Spiritual Disciplines
-- Why the Disciplines are Important audio
-- Reading and Studying Scripture audio
-- Meditating on the Word, Silence, and Solitude audio
-- Journaling and Confession audio
-- Praying Through Scripture audio
-- Hearing from God and Tools for Prayer audio
-- Fasting audio
-- Time Management and Margin auido
-- Sabbath and Rest audio  
-- Worship, Family Worship, and Tithing audio
-- Service and Evangelism audio 

Lessons from Church History
-- Athanasius and Lady Jane Grey  audio 
-- Patrick and the Puritans  audio
-- Jan Hus and Charles Spurgeon  audio
-- Conrad Grabel, George Blourock, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer  audio
-- Polycarp and John Chrysostom  audio

Grieving: A Conversation with Tina Pelton
-- Grieving (Part 1) audio
-- Grieving (Part 2) audio

Walk on the Wilder Side: Another Discussion with Dr. Lynn Wilder 
-- Walk on the Wilder Side (Part 1) audio
-- Walk on the Wilder Side (Part 2) audio

A Discussion on Preaching
-- On Preaching: Who's Qualified?  audio
-- On Preaching: Defining the Sermon audio
-- On Preaching: The Bucket and the Thimble audio
-- On Preaching: Stand and Deliver audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Andy Conroy audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Kevin Lund audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Robert Marshall audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Dr. Travis Freeman audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Trevin Wax audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Kyle Costello audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Rob Lee audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Danny Braga audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Douglas Wilson audio
-- On Preaching: A Discussion with Dr. Jim Hamilton audio 

Unveiling Grace with Dr. Lynn K. Wilder 
-- Unveiling Grace (Part 1) audio
-- Unveiling Grace (Part 2) audio

Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:11-21)
-- Evangelism, Missions, and the Gospel audio
-- How to Share the Gospel and the "Yup" Defense audio

The Role of the Pastor (A.K.A. Working the Angles)
-- Working the Angles Part 1: Introduction audio
-- Working the Angles Part 2: Prayer audio
-- Working the Angles Part 3: Scripture audio
-- Working the Angles Part 4: Spiritual Direction audio  

What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Introduction audio
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Weakness audio
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Family audio 
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Missions (Part 1) audio
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Missions (Part 2) audio
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: The Franchise audio
-- What Evangelicals Can Learn From Mormons: Moralism audio 

Tough Texts
-- 1 Timothy 2:15: Women saved by childbirth?  audio 
-- Genesis 6:1-5: Angles making babies? audio 
-- How do we know we're right? audio 
-- 1 Corinthians 15:29: Baptism for the dead? audio 
-- 1 Corinthians 7:12:  I, not the Lord? audio
-- 1 Samuel 28: Saul Goes to a Necromancer audio
-- Romans 1:18-29 God Gives as What We Want audio  
-- Psalm 35: The Imprecatory Prayers audio

Difficult Matters for the Church
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Introduction audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Same-sex Marriage audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Divorce audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Church Discipline (Part I) audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Church Discipline (Part II) auido  
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Social Justice audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- The Para-Church audio 
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Politics audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Liberalism audio 
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Roles of the Sexes  audio
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Women in Ministry audio 
-- Difficult Matters for the Church -- Mormonism audio

Reading and Teaching the Bible Well
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 1  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 2  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 3  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 4  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 5  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 6  audio
-- Reading and Teaching the Bible Well Part 7  audio
-- How to Read Your Bible (Part 1)  audio
-- How to Read Your Bible (Part 2)  audio

The Story
-- "The Story" Part 1  audio 
-- "The Story" Part 2  audio  
-- "The Story" Part 3  audio
-- "The Story" Part 4  audio
-- "The Story" Part 5  audio
-- "The Story" Part 6  audio  
-- "The Story" Part 7  audio
-- "The Story" Part 8  audio
-- "The Story" Part 9  audio 

Miscellaneous Unscripted Collection
-- Children's Sermons audio
-- GGBTS DMin Cohort - Why GGBTS audio
-- GGBTS DMin Cohort on Evangelism audio
-- Update: April 2015 audio
-- Study Tools - 1 Box and $200 audio
-- Jared talks Isaiah, Samuel, and Matthew audio
-- Suffering audio
-- Missions and HLF with Zak Harris audio
-- What Goes into Naming a Church? audio
-- Talking Worship with Josh Lallatin audio
-- In the Ministry Trenches audio
-- Tough Texts and the UISBC audio
-- Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention audio
-- Differences in How We Do Church audio
-- On Denominations audio
-- The Theology of Singleness with Chris Smith audio
-- Calling and SBTS with Chris Smith audio
-- Calling and GGBTS with Ryan and Jania Rindels audio
-- Short Term Missions and Mission Utah audio
-- The Faithful Life audio
-- Temporary Fences: Defeating Personal Sin, Part 1 audio
-- Temporary Fences: Defeating Personal Sin, Part 2 audio 
-- Working the Angles audio
-- Wise Communication audio
-- Who is More Faithful? audio
-- Miscellaneous Thoughts on Proverbs and 1 John 1 audio
-- Jared Works With City Impact audio
-- Fail  audio
-- Missions and the Tenderloin audio
-- Parts of the Car: A Discussion on Calling audio
-- Bringing Divinity Back to the Campus audio
-- Seminary v. the Pastorate One Year Later audio
-- Explicit Gospel with Jared Jenkins and Adam Madden audio
-- Gospel Planting with Jared Jenkins and Adam Madden audio
-- Matthew 19:16-26 with Jared Jenkins audio
-- Work, Rest, and Play with Jared Jenkins and Sean Patrick audio
-- Orthodox Easter Service (On Location) with Jared Jenkins, and Tim Lunn audio
-- Additional Thoughts on the Orthodox Service with Jared Jenkins audio
-- Men's Ministry with Jared Jenkins, and Andy Conroy audio
-- 12 Years of Ministry with Sean Patrick  audio 
-- Worship with Sean Patrick   video / audio / YouTube  
-- Seminary with Jared Jenkins  video / audio / YouTube 

Redeeming Life Sermons (most recent): Listen Here

Other Selected Sermons
-- Proverbs 6:6-11 on Work audio
-- 1 Samuel 4:1-7:17 audio
-- Revelation 22 audio
-- The Kingdom Rebels audio
-- Creation audio
-- 1 Peter 4:12-19 video / audio
-- You Will Be My Witnesses audio
-- Daniel 3 audio
-- Final Instructions: John 15:12-17  audio
-- Children's Sermon, Christmas Eve 2011 (video) video / audio 
-- The Letter to the Church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29)   audio 
-- Fig Tree or Shade Tree (Luke 13:6-9)  video / audio 

-- 1 Peter 4:1-11  video / audio
-- The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31)  video / audio
-- 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 (video)  video / audio 
-- Jesus is God, Part 1 (John 9:38)  video / audio  

-- Jesus is God, Part 2 (John 10:22-38)  video / audio  
-- Jesus is God, Part 3 (John 8:58-59)  video / audio 
-- Micah 6:8  video / audio
-- James 1:27  video / audio 
-- Romans 12:1-2  video / audio 
-- Mark 11:27-33   video / audio 

-- Reaching Salt Lake, You are the Light video / YouTube
-- "Revival" by Robert Marshall  video / audio / YouTube
-- Team Ministry  video / audio / YouTube
-- Community:  Are you Known?  video / audio / YouTube
-- Praying for Those Who Fill Empty Seats  video / YouTube
-- Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42)  video / audio / YouTube 
-- The Variety of Spiritual Gifts   video / audio / YouTube
-- Get to Know Your Neighbor   video / audio / YouTube
-- Parables  video / audio / YouTube
-- Mission Field: Utah  video / audio / YouTube
-- Like a Child (Matthew 18:1-4)  video / audio / YouTube

-- Prayer is Relational YouTube 
-- Prayer is Partnership with God YouTube
-- Pray Boldly YouTube
-- Pray and Watch YouTube  
-- How Much Should I Pray? YouTube
-- Community in Prayer YouTube  
-- Prayer as an Act of Faith YouTube
-- My Little Prayer Book YouTube
-- Praying With the Psalms YouTube
-- Consulting God YouTube 

Introduction to Theology
-- Circles of Importance  YouTube / video / audio
/ graphic
-- Level of Certainty  YouTube / video / audio
-- Understanding Levels of Importance  PDF handout

Systematic Theology 

-- Why did Christ have to die?  video / audio 
-- The Gospel Call  video / audio  

Studying and Teaching the Bible Well 
-- Hermeneutics Part 1 audio   
-- Hermeneutics Part 2 audio 
-- Hermeneutics Part 3 audio 
-- Hermeneutics Part 4 audio 
-- Hermeneutics Part 5 audio 
-- Hermeneutics Part 6 audio 
-- Hermeneutics Part 7 audio

Useful Documents
Scriptures to Know
Chronological Bible Reading List

The Bible in 180 Chapters
Bible Reading Checklist
New Testament Reading Checklist
Understanding Levels of Importance 
Bible Study Tools

The Divided Kingdom

Useful Websites
ESV Bible
Blue Letter Bible On-line Bibles
YouVersion Bibles and Plans

Bible Arc
1-Year Bible Reading Plans

ESV Reading Plans
Accordance Bible Software
Logos Bible Software
Best Commentaries

Free On-Line Commentaries
Christian Classic Ethereal Library
Creeds and Confessions

The Center for New Testament Manuscripts
The Dead Sea Scrolls  

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Teknia (Learn New Testament Greek) 
Daily Dose of Greek
The Gospel Coalition
Association of Religious Data Archives (ARDA)

Missiologically Thinking (J. D. Payne) 
Entrusted With The Gospel (Jared Jenkins)
Display the Gospel (Brett Ricley)
Hungry for Life International
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM)

Free Myers-Briggs Style Personality Test
Southern Baptist Convention

Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention
Salt Lake Baptist Association
Acts 29 Network
PLNTD Network
The City

Redeeming Life Church
Risen Life Church 

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