Church Planting in Downtown SLC

January 6, 2010

Yes. A new team  is headed our way  to plant a church in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City (proper) has some great Christian churches, but too few of them.  A survey from SugarHouse to the Avenues, the University to Rose Park, 2100 South to Temple Square, will turn up lots of good people but only a hand full of Christian churches.  Salt Lake City is a dry part of the vineyard. 

Ever since packing up our moving truck in Twin Falls to come back to Salt Lake, Lisa and I have been praying for Salt Lake City. We watched our friends plant a church in the South end of Seattle, a plant we thought we were going to be a part of before God called us back to SLC. I often wondered why our path did not take us with them. However, God's sovereign providence is remarkable and through a three year connect-the-dots process, I've come in contact with a church planting team headed to Salt Lake in less than a month. Lisa and I are excited for the potential of this group to join the mission of bringing Light to the city.

No.  If we get involved with this group, this does not mean we're staying in Salt Lake forever.  God willing, I will eventually serve with the Army again, this time as a chaplain. 

Thanks to the Burnside Writer's Collective (which I've written articles for) and the Mosaic: Holy Bible (which I contributed to), I connected with Kyle Costello and Kevin Rogers.  I was in Chicago on business when Kevin and I started a rapid-fire conversation via Twitter, which eventually turned into an hour-long phone call.  Last week I met Kyle and Howie (another guy coming on the plant) at Salt Lake Roasters. It was a great meeting. Kyle, Kevin, Howie, their families, and a handful of others are from Imago Dei in Portland.

I've had many people asking me for details about the plant itself; but the truth is, I really don't know much.

Here's an interview with Pastor Rick McKinley and the some of the various church planters coming:

Salt Lake City church plant from Imago Dei on Vimeo.

If you'd like more info, please don't hesitate to contact Kyle or Kevin.  And please be praying for this church plant in SLC.