Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Wild at Heart
John Eldredge 

Somewhere in every man's life, we lose the adventuring spirit that we carried as boys. We get married and settled down. We take the safe route, every time. We no longer slay dragons or play the hero. No longer are we dangerous. And even though women fall for the tough-guy types, they think they want "safe" and predictable after they say, "I do." Women might call this growing up, but it really could be more like a slow unnoticed death. And when their daring husband is only and empty shell of a man, they can't figure out when the marital fire packed a bag and moved out.

We see this in the American Christian Church too. Nice guys are everywhere you look. Emasculated posers wear big, fake grins and compete for the Biggest Church Wimp award. But this is not what God created man to become. Jesus is no wimp; he's a warrior.

Through his book, Wild at Heart, John Eldredge navigates his readers across the journey of the masculine soul. Using the desires deep within every man, he shows us the problem; and with scripture, he shows us the solution. Eldredge provides tools and suggestions to recapture the boy-dreamer and the adventuring man.

Wild at Heart is well written and engaging. Most of the book calls the reader to turn the page and keep reading. Although at times, I had to push myself through sections that moved at a much slower pace. Nevertheless, I highly recommend Wild at Heat to any man who's feeling bored and asking himself, "when did I lose heart?"

*I have no material connection to this book or its author.