LifeWay: More than a Bookstore (with Jonathan Howe)

Bryan met Jonathan Howe while on a trip to Nashville. After connecting, Bryan learned much more about the task and purpose of LifeWay. Howe is the Director of Strategic Initiatives and he directs multiple podcasts, websites, and other communication efforts of Dr. Rainer and other leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention. You can also read Howe’s work on Facts and Trends.

Howe, podcasts in a nice studio with high-tech gear and topnotch resources. So we were please that he agreed to be a part of our podcast, which is somewhat different than what Howe is used to working with. Although it’s possible we simply tricked him into it. We say this with a bit of tongue-and-cheek because Howe is quickly becoming a friend of ours and we find the contrast between the two podcasts amusing. Howe was a good sport and a great guest.

Listen to our interview with Jonathan Howe here:

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