Life Connections Study Bible for Personal and Small Group Study

Since 1988, disciple-makers and small group leaders have been using the Serendipity Bible for Personal and Small Group study to help raise up disciples of Jesus Christ. With the help of this resource, it was easy to train up more small group leaders and disciple-makers. In its pages were opening questions, questions to drive conversation to consider Scripture, and application questions for every chapter of the Bible. And, if you’ve ever used it, you know it was great. But alas, it end up outdated and eventually it went out of print.

But it was not forgotten.

Thanks to the work of LifeWay folks like Trevin Wax and J.D. Green, Holman Bible Publishers has not only brought this gem back into the hands of small group leaders and disciple-makers, they’ve given it an update and an upgrade. It’s clean, the questions are updated, and they’ve added additional materials like study Bible notes. It’s called Life Connections Study Bible for Personal and Small Group Study and it’s better than ever.

This study Bible includes ready-made discussion and study questions for every chapter of the Bible. Some chapters include more than one study and set of questions. There’s an opening question (or ice breaker), some Scripture-driven questions for consideration, and some application questions, all based on the chapter in which the questions are found. Where appropriate, there are also questions for worship, group activities, and digging deeper in Bible study. Maps are included in the back and each biblical book as introductory information. There are chapter summaries. Along the bottom of every page are study notes to provide more information and an enhanced understanding of Scripture.

For those more inclined toward topical studies, there are 16 topical study courses, 60 life needs courses, and 200 Bible stories available for study. But what’s excellent about these additional studies is that they simply point to selected chapter studies in the Bible. Scripture is still the driving force behind every lesson and every study. For example, the topical study, “Significant Women of the Bible,” has 15 women listed in a 13-week study or 7 women listed for a 7-week study. Next to each lesson is the Scripture from where the lesson draws Truth and the page number where the questions for that chapter are found. A life needs study on sexuality points to specific chapters from which to draw the Texts and questions. Bonus: all the 60 life needs studies have beginner and advanced options and all of them depend on the Scripture with margin questions from the chapters.

It’s a study Bible, which means there’s also a Bible. The publisher used the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation to pair with this study Bible. If you’re not familiar with the CSB, it’s a readable, accurate translation of God’s Word developed by more than 100 scholars from 17 denominations.

This is an excellent resource for the Church.

Get a more information and a look at the Life Connections Study Bible For Personal and Small Group Study in this 8-minute video. Then, pick up yourself a copy wherever you buy your favorite books or follow this link to the listing on Amazon: