Journey Through John -- It's Just Two Minutes Per Day


I'm a pastor. I meet with a lot of people. I talk about the Bible a lot. I read the Bible, a lot. It's the chief tool of my ministry. Yet many of the people I sit with tell me they hardly ever open the Bible. Then they go on to tell me all their problems. These problems are such that living submitted to God's Word would probably resolve them. So I suggest something from God's Word for them to read and meditate on and pray about. But they tell me they don't have time to read God's Word. And they especially can't read God's Word every day.

Of course, we can make time to read God's Word and spend time with the Lord if it's important to us. It only takes a few seconds to read a single verse of the Bible. And we certainly can find two minutes somewhere in our day to think about that verse. More reading and meditating would be even better, but two minutes and one verse seems like a starting place for those doing nothing.

I was frustrated and looking for a way to help busy people read or hear at least one verse per day and think about it for two minutes. How could I get the Word of God in front of people for two minutes? Then I noticed how much time people stare at their phones and how some of that time was consuming videos. I'm sure there are two minutes in there somewhere for God's Word.

Thus, Journey Through John was born.

Journey Through John is my attempt to give people one verse from the book of John per day and two minutes of discussion on that verse. It's on YouTube, so when I'm done, the entire book of John and over 30 hours of devotional commentary will be available on the popular video-delivery site.

It seems reasonable. If we just watched one less cat video, we could make time for the Word of God.

A person can also subscribe to a daily email (Monday through Friday). Each morning when a subscriber wakes up, there's an email with the verse and a button to watch the video right there on his or her phone. A subscriber can start from the beginning of the book of John or join in where I'm at with the newest videos.

Subscribe Starting from the Beginning.

Subscribe Picking up Where It’s Presently At.

I'm not sure how I could make it any easier.

I've also put all the completed videos in a playlist on the Salty Believer YouTube channel so someone can it play and let it roll for a while. Or, if someone is looking for a specific verse or chapter, he or she can visit the website.

It took me about a chapter to get into my stride. I wasn't sure how much commentary or application should go into every two minutes. And you can't say much in two minutes, so what was it going to be? After about the first chapter, I got into a groove that I think should be helpful for anyone just trying to hear at least one verse and think about it for a couple of minutes.

So if you're doing nothing with God's Word, why not have a two-minute video emailed to you every day. I mean seriously, you can't find two minutes to hear from God's Word. You don't even have to read. Just listen as you sip on your coffee, trying to get the day moving.

For the Kingdom!
Bryan Catherman