Inside the UISBC: An Introduction

Bryan Catherman and Jared Jenkins are involved with the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention. The UISBC is a two-state convention within the Southern Baptist Convention. What does that even mean?

It can be a little confusing, but it’s not complicated once you see how it works. And when you see why there’s a convention, you might better understand why it’s a good opportunity to be an active part of it. Neither Bryan nor Jared had a guide to the inner-workings of the convention but that has not stopped them from seeking to figure it out. And to help others, they are chronicling their journey so others might understand too. Think of it as pulling the curtain back. Or better yet, imagine them as adventurers traveling across new territory and making a map as they go. Of course, many saints have come before them, so they hope to interview some of those faithful brothers and sisters along the way.

In the introduction of this series, “Inside the UISBC” Bryan and Jared explain the broad history of the Southern Baptist Convention as well as provide an overview of the two-state convention known as the UISBC. Come along for the journey because we suspect you might learn some things and you might find some new opportunities to join with other churches for the sake of advancing the gospel.

Listen to the introductory episode here:

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