Happy 9th Birthday SaltyBeliever.com!

On January 1, 2010, SaltyBeliever.com was born. It became a public website and ministry to share Christian ideas, thoughts, resources, and other helpful things for believers on a journey with Christ.

I was in seminary, working on a Master’s Degree and had papers only read by a professor. I thought that maybe I could modify that work and make it available to others. Perhaps it could be helpful? I hoped that the website could help serve alongside my other ministries. There was only one way to find out.

I chose the name “Salty Believer” for a few reasons. First, I took a cue from Matthew 5:13. Jesus tells his disciples that they are the salt of the earth, but if salt were to lose its saltiness, it wouldn’t be good for anything. I think that's interesting on many levels. Second, I live in Salt Lake City and at the time didn't expect this website to reach beyond my friends and family. I wanted to play upon the name of my home and wasn't thinking beyond the small circles I was in. Finally, a decade ago the term "salty" was used a little differently. It was more of a reference for sailors who had been out to sea and experienced the sea life, opposed to new sailors, identified as "green." When I was in Iraq, we used these terms for soldiers, too. Today, the term, "salty" is used more to describe someone who is jaded, snarky, or holds resentment towards something. The irony is that in 2010 I was far more 'green' in ministry than I am today, and far more 'snarky-salty.' But the name stuck, and here we are.

The past 9 years of this website have seen many things. My ministry as a self-supported missionary working alongside Redeeming Life turned into a full-time position supported by the church. I graduated with an M.Div. In 2017 I earned a D.Min. I planted a church. Book projects and chapters were penned with my words. I made more friends and invited them into the activities of SaltyBeliever.com. I’ve preached hundreds of sermons. I wrote hundreds of blog posts. Guest authors wrote some, too. Our gang filmed videos, books were reviewed, classes offered, and we started a podcast. We've had some remarkable guests along the way. And we’ve had a lot of fun through it all.

It's been a great journey so far. I would never have thought so much might have happened with SaltyBeliever.com over these past nine years. I'm waiting expectantly to see what the next nine could bring. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

For the Kingdom!

Bryan Catherman