Discipleship Essentials


Jesus told his disciples to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).  Those first followers of Jesus were called to make more people like themselves, that is, more Jesus followers.  Jesus said he is with us as we make disciples and teach them all that he commanded.  So you'd think one of the marks of a Christian is that he or she is introducing people to Jesus (or trying to), and then he or she is sitting with others to teach them all that Jesus taught.  After all, this is Jesus' mission (Luke 19:10, Matthew 18:11). Jesus has allowed us to join him in his mission as he is with us until the end of the age. You'd think being on Jesus' mission would be the most significant place where Christians would want to be found. 

However, it would seem that Christians have perfected the art of explaining away the necessity of discipleship, which is just justifying disobedience.  And by shedding the need to engage in disciple-making and discipleship, we have dumped one of the most exceptional means God uses to grow us into the image of Jesus.  Not only do others miss out on meeting Jesus and experiencing spiritual growth, but we also miss out!  Discipleship is a powerful practice commanded by Jesus so he would be glorified in us and others throughout the world.      

Bryan Catherman has assembled a simple tool to help you get started in the process of discipleship.  He also offers some resources to help.  (Simple, faithful discipleship was the focus of his doctoral studies and he's giving away the meat and potatoes right here.) 

We hope that you are trying to make disciples.  We pray that you are meeting with people to help them walk into maturity with Jesus or that you are being discipled, or both.  If you have not started, you can.  It's not difficult.  And it will draw you closer to Jesus.  

*Additional discipleship tools and training are available under the Resources tab of SaltyBeliever.com.