Abortion is a Religious Right

Photo by Yoel Ben-Avraham is registered under a creative commons license.

Photo by Yoel Ben-Avraham is registered under a creative commons license.

It doesn't take hidden camera videos of Planned Parenthood's operation to convince us of the truth.  We all know it.  Unborn babies are babies.  Giving them another name does not change the truth.  Calling the termination of a baby's life 'abortion' does not take away the fact that it is premeditated murder.   

But there's that sticky question of religious rights.  

Let us not forget that we have religious freedom in America and abortion is about religious rights.  Is it fair for one group of people who believe that all life is valuable and should be protected to trump the religious rights of those who believe they must sacrifice babies to their gods?  

Should our government have the right to stop a woman from killing her child on the altar of selfish desire, sexual irresponsibility, or the god she calls choice?  Can we truly expect our political leaders to hold fathers accountable for their actions when many men worship the gods of abandonment, unaccountability, and genital satisfaction?  Is it possible to regulate those who worship themselves?  In the religion of the American Dream, a life with a voice is more sacred than one who cannot defend him or herself.  Should it be legal to defend the voiceless when that very idea is in direct violation of some people's religious practice?  At what point does a human life mean more than these religious practices? 

In a time when we can protect sea turtle eggs and bald eagle carcusses, you'd think we could find a way to protect humans who can't protect themselves.  Sure, we've already put some restriction in place. The priests who perform the sacrifices must be licenced.  No back alley temples allowed.  And we certainly don't allow birth mothers who sacrificed their babies to sell the dead body parts after the offering.  This greatly restricts the religious practice of immoral greed, but it also places a deterrent upon the religion.  Could you imagine how fast that religion would be growing if we did not prohibit such a practice?  There would be profiting converts to that god every day!  

I respect religious freedom.  But at what point can we allow worship practices to do harm to others?  How long will we allow these various religions continue sacrificing other humans?  How long will we look the other way while this kind of worship kills babies?  The babies aren't given a choice in the matter.  They are forced to be a part of these religions and it costs them their lives.  

Abortion is a deplorable practice and it's wrong.  It must stop now!