In Matthew 5, Jesus told a group of disciples that they are salt and light.  "You are the salt of the earth," he said; "you are the light of the world."  Jesus added commentary to both of these statements. (You can read Matthew 5:13-15 for yourself.)  Christians regularly think of themselves as light.  That's not a stretch; but we don't often call ourselves salt.  How is a Christian the salt of the earth?  There are generally two approaches here.  Either Christians are a preservative like salt or a flavor additive like salt.  In either case, the salt is hard to see but very important.  In both situations the salt is in it.  After it's added it's a part of it.  There's no taking it away.  So we like to think that a Salty Believer is not an angry believer as the world might think, but a believer who is in the world but not of the world.  A Salty Believer is a Christian who is really in it, bring preservation and flavor to the world. is a hub for ministry conversation.  It's a place to find ideas and resources, learn about what's going on in other areas, among different ministries.  And hopefully, this is a place and a community that helps you grow closer to God and become the salt of the earth.

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